Depression feelings

Hello, I am glad that I found this group there is actually people
that feel the same way that I do. I can’t go to church or even out to
eat with out it being a big ordeal and then most of the time end up
back home or in the bathroom trying to calm down. Which by the way
never works. I was doing better I thought Until this weekend which
was a total disaster just going out with my family. Now I am afraid
to go out afraid it will happen again. No one seems to understand my
husband tries to but I know it is very hard for him. Every one says I
should be so happy that I have my health and my family has there
health and I am very happy for that but that is not the point. But no
one understands. My opinion I don’t have my health or this would not
be going on . I sit and worry about everything. The littlest things
that seems like nothing to someone else I have a anxiety attack over.
I am sure you all know what I am talking about. I am sorry if I have
bored you all to death but it feels better just to be able to talk
about it.


Simone about eczema

I live in Australia and my 5 year old who is an eczema sufferer is now having a flare up of his eczema and we are in the middle of Spring with high pollen counts. He also gets a cracking and peeling of his finger tips and toe tips at this time of the year that is very strange, its happened at this time of the year for 3 years now and its not easy to get under control. Take a look at tretinoin gel 0.025 I don’t know any others who have this type of strange skin thing and I was wondering if anyone on this forum has this or have heard of this and is it due to pollen? He is sensitive to pollen and also gets hayfever so i am wondering does pollen trigger eczema flare ups too?

Ramona about progesterone

I am sorry You feel like that.May I ask what is
the reason for you to be infertile?. I was infertile
because of low progesterone and a blocked tube which cut
my chances only by a little bit although it’s still
a lot if my progesterone is low.Well, was low. I have
the clear plan easy pred kit which is good do you
have that?. Therefore you won’t get confused so much.
Like you told me think positive.It seems like
every time we complain about something and it looks like it
never ends it always does. Then there is something else
for us to worry about. But, the best part about it is
that it ends and the start of a beginning. Not the
beginning that we like and hope for be something.
Everything will work out I promise.


Lonna about skin problems

I’m Katie and was wondering if any of you have ever used acutane generic 20mg to treat
psoriasis. I heard its not as harsh on the body as other drugs and it has
about a 50% success rate.

I have not tried any of the natural type
remedies because I also have a lot of allergies including foods
and other ingredients used in natural products and vitamins. I
have been on a lo-carb diet and have found great relief in my
skin condition and my joint pain. Does anyone else here have the
systemic type problems such as arthritis and connective tissue
problems that can be associated with Psoriasis? My Doc says I
have immflamitory arthritis along with the Psoriasis. My
Psoriasis started when I was 12. It has taken this long to get
it diagnosed correctly. My mom has Rheumatoid Arthritis and
Sjorgens syndrome. My Dr wants to treat me in a more aggressive
manner with a new medication to keep the more serious autoimmune
connective tissue problems from coming on so soon.


Humira and Prednisone

“I’ve been on Humira since January of this year and have progressively gotten worse. I have been on 2 rounds of antibiotics this past month for a sore throat and cough that just won’t go away.”

Hi again, Leah,

The problem with your rheumatoid arthritis is twofold:

1- You have suffered from rheumatoid arthritis for almost 30 years, which suggest an entrenched infection which will be difficult to eradicate. Recovery is possible, but it will take longer. Also, you can’t undo any deformed joint damage.

2- You are on Humira and Prednisone.

The antibiotics used for rheumatoid arthritis assist the immune system by stopping the replication of bacteria, leaving it up to the immune system to eradicate bacteria. For this reason, you need a fully functional immune system to recover from rheumatoid arthritis.

Humira and Prednisone turn off the immune system so completely that you can’t fight infections, hence the “sore throat and cough that just won’t go away.” And you can get worst as time goes by.

Medications like Humira are blamed for not stopping the development of cancer cells in the body (which is one of the most important functions of the immune system, i.e. to recognize foreign or malfunctioning cells to eliminate them).

I don’t think that Humira and Prednisone 20mg are a solution for anyone. Your rheumatologist who was paid to put you on these medications, and keep you on Humira and Prednisone, is probably not part of the solution.

Going forward, your family doctor should refer you to a microbiologist who works in a university teaching hospital and specializes in patients with auto-immune diseases (rheumatic diseases, chronic fatigue syndrome, etc.).

The university teaching hospital can be out of town, but the trip is well worth it. And your family doctor could act as a local doctor in co-operation with the microbiologist.

You are in a difficult position.

I’m generally in favour of orthopaedists who are great to diagnose accurately a rheumatic patient, but in your case, the diagnostic is well established and you really need a medical specialist of infections, a microbiologist.

The road ahead will be hard, but there is nothing to be gained by denying the seriousness of your condition.

Good luck,


Generic Meridia

Generic Meridia is widely known as a good medicine that is used to suppress your appetite. If you use this medication alongside with the diet it can really be very helpful in losing some weight. The generic name of this medicine is Sibutramine, also known as sibutramide hydtochloride monohydrate. This medication is used as a remedy for obesity. Sibutramine belongs to such class of medicine as a Schedule IV controlled substance.
If you are overweight and have some other health problems connected with it such as diabetes, high blood pressure, you might be recommended to take generic Meridia. To feel an effect from taking generic Meridia sooner it is necessary to combine the medicine with a diet. How does generic Meridia work? It raises the level of dopamine, serotonin and norepinephrine in the nervous system that is considered to have an influence on an appetite.
Today Generic Meridia is promoted all around the world as a weight loss medicine. It is taken orally, and comes in different doses (5 mg, 10 mg and 15 mg). If you follow the instruction you will be able to lose between 4 lbs to 25 lbs per year. Pay attention that to get a good result with losing the weight you have to stick to a healthy way of life.
First the doctor will prescribe you generic Meridia for four weeks, during this time you should regularly check for signs of weight loss and take notice of any side effects, you should have you blood pressure measured and heart rate monitored regularly. It is advised to take 10 mg of the medication daily (usually in the morning), if that doesn’t work for you your doctor will increase the dose up to 15 mg after the first four weeks are over. If the medicine doesn’t suit you, you can experience high blood pressure and your heart rate can increase. If you lose the weight but not as much as you have expected, consult your doctor at your local or online pharmacy, who will probably advice you to increase the dose or stop the medication.
You should take into consideration that generic Meridia is a serious medicine, it is prescribed for those people who are overweight indeed, it should never be used and treated just as cosmetics and a way to looking slim. Generic Meridia is used to improve health, so do not misinterpret its usage.

Meridia – Deal With Your Obesity Easily

Meridia (generic name – Sibutramine HCl Monohydrate) is an oral medication of SNRI class of medication that is indicated for the treatment of obesity. This medication inhibits the reuptake of serotonin and norepinephrine and increases the levels of these chemicals in the brain. Serotonin and norepinephrine are very important chemicals found in the brain: the former is responsible for our mood, sleep, and appetite and the latter is related to mood, alertness, and attention.   Meridia has a sedative action that creates a feeling of calmness and fullness in person and as a result it decreases the desire to crave for food.

The use of generic Meridia

Meridia is indicated for individuals to treat obesity.  The treatment with this medication must be accompanied with exercise and special diet in order to get significant results. This medication can also be used in teenagers between 16-18 years of old if it is advised by the medical provider.

The dose

The dose should be determined by the medical provider according to the condition of the patient taking into the consideration other health conditions.

Meridia should be administered exactly as it is prescribed by the medical professional.  It is usually taken once daily with water. If this medication cause stomach upset, use it with meals.

Meridia is taken as a single dose, so it’s not likely that you will be able to miss your dose. In case it happens, take it as soon as remember. Avoid using two doses at once as it can lead to the overdose which will provoke unwanted side reactions.

Side reactions

Common side effects of Meridia medication are: sleep disorders, stomach disorders, headache, decrease or increase in appetite, increased menstrual pain, dryness in mouth, runny nose, sore throat, pain in joints or muscles, and such flu symptoms as fever, chills, and body pain.

This medication can cause allergic reaction including itching, rash, swelling, wheezing, or labored breathing. If any of the allergic reactions occur, stop taking this medicine and notify your health provider.


In case of overdose of the medication seek emergency medical help. The symptoms of overdose include high blood pressure, rapid heartbeat, headache and giddiness.

Drug Interactions

Meridia can interact with the following drugs:  any other weight-loss medications, SSRI or SNRI anti-depressant medications, MAOI antidepressants, MAOI-B medications, Tricyclic antidepressant medications,  and narcotic analgetics.


Meridia should be stored at a room temperature away from heat, light and moisture. It should be kept out of reach of children.

Precautions while using generic Meridia

-  While using this medication the weight of the patient should be monitored at a regular basis. It’s important to follow low-calorie diet and do exercises.

- One should not alter the dose or stop using this medication without consulting with health provider first.

- One should not share Meridia medication with anybody as it can do harm to that person.

Effectiveness and combo w/other drugs…

Hey, when I received a prescription for Meridia,
my physician told me it would decrease my desired
portion size, but not do a great job of controlling my
appetite. As such, he also gave me phentermine to take.

The phentermine, as some of you may know, makes me
feel TERRIBLE. It not only makes me feel shakey and
half-sick, but it affects my moods a great deal. I simply
don’t think I can continue taking it.

Some of
you are saying that you think the Meridia alone is
very effective at controlling appetite. Is that true?
How long did it take for it to become effective? Did
those affects wear off? In what time frame?

Thanks for your help all!!


Daily panic attacks…

I am wondering if anyone has this problem or if
it’s just my jiggy personality. At least once a day,
usually in the late afternoon, I get a MAJOR panic attack
that I am not going to be able to stop a food binge
from happening. It comes on rather sudden and for
about five minutes my mind starts going cuckoo like,
ime,” etc… It’s an overwhelming feeling of doom and I
have to talk myself through it, by saying, “OK, Nell,
this happens everyday and you always get through it.”
After about five minutes it subsides and I emerge
victorious and abstinently intact. Has anyone else
experienced this either on or off of Meridia or am I just

Panic Attacks….or something

Hi Nellably, I never really thought of it as a
panic attack but I know that late afternoon is my worst
time. About an hour before we are to eat supper. I am
diabetic and find that if I don’t eat a snack in the
mid-afternoon it is worse, probably because my blood sugar is
too low. Maybe that has something to do with it? Who