Effectiveness and combo w/other drugs…

Hey, when I received a prescription for Meridia,
my physician told me it would decrease my desired
portion size, but not do a great job of controlling my
appetite. As such, he also gave me phentermine to take.

The phentermine, as some of you may know, makes me
feel TERRIBLE. It not only makes me feel shakey and
half-sick, but it affects my moods a great deal. I simply
don’t think I can continue taking it.

Some of
you are saying that you think the Meridia alone is
very effective at controlling appetite. Is that true?
How long did it take for it to become effective? Did
those affects wear off? In what time frame?

Thanks for your help all!!


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    Hi Laura,
    I’m no expert, since I’ve only
    been on Meridia for about 7 weeks, but I think it
    helps control my appetite. It was especially effective
    in the first three weeks or so. It still works,
    though. On some days it seems to work better than others.
    Some days, I want to eat everything in sight, then
    there are other days (more of these, thankfully) that I
    am content with much less than I would normally eat.
    I also have found that with Meridia, I don’t get
    that uncontrollable urge to eat at my usual trouble
    times (like late in the afternoon and in the evening).
    My Dr. told me that it isn’t a miracle drug, or a
    silver bullet that would make the pounds vanish with no
    effort on my part….but, it is something that will make
    losing the weight easier in that it helps me feel
    satisfied with less, most of the time. My Dr. also stressed
    the fact that excercise is SO important. That the
    patients that she has that have done well have excercised
    consistently. The ones who haven’t excercised, haven’t done as
    Good Luck!

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    Hey, thanks for the wonderful information. I really wanted a “report” from someone who’s been taking it for a few weeks. And yes, I KNOW there’s no way to really be successful losing weight (or to ever get healthy for that matter) without exercise.
    I’ve got a rather frequent habit myself…and I love this part! In fact, it’s ordinarily much easier for me to get myself to the gym than it is to avoid eating stuff I shouldn’t.

    By the way: What, if any, side effects are you experiencing? I’m curious about this, since I’ve had such lousy luck with other appetite suppressants.

    Thanks again!!

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    The only side effect that I have had consistently
    is constipation. At first my Dr. said to take
    Metamucil but then I heard on here to eat some Fiber One or
    All-Bran type cereal in the morning to help with this side
    effect. That works fine so far. The Metamucil is gross!!
    I tried it for about 4 days and couldn’t see myself
    continuing. Eating cereal is much more pleasant! There really
    hasn’t been any other side effects for me.

    My exercise routine is walking, walking, walking. It helps
    that we just got a dog 3 1/2 weeks ago, who will only
    “potty” if we take her for a walk, so, every morning
    after my daughter goes to school, the pooch and I go
    for about a 30-minute walk. My husband gets the 10pm
    last-time-out walk (which is good for him, too). I enjoy
    walking, especially with someone to talk to (dogs are
    great listeners!).

    Have a great day

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    Hi Laura;I can’t believe your doctor gave you
    Meridia and Phentermine,Meridia alone should curb your
    appetite and help you lose weight.I just started my third
    month on Meridia and I do have insomnia quite bad but
    it is getting better.

    Good luck to you…..Ramona,

    Milwaukee Wi.

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    Hey Ramona, how much weight have you lost so far?
    Do you think it’s working well and worth the risks?

    I have trouble with insomnia now and again WITHOUT
    taking anything. So I’m concerned about this side
    affect. But after taking several days of Meridia (ALONE)
    that has yet to show up. I DO exercise quite a bit and
    I wonder if that will help maintain a normal sleep
    schedule. I sure hope so!! I know I’m not far enough into
    it to know what kind (if any!) of problems I will

    Good luck getting to sleep!!